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Add emails and the contacts manually or upload your contact list in a csv file.

Set your sessions

Create a session for on the dates and the times that suit your schedule.

Send your invites

Once you've added your contacts and set your session just click on the send invites button and we do the rest.  

Once you click send invites Acadameo takes care of the rest. Acadameo sends the invties to your invitees and they can click to choose a time or accept your preset meeting request with a click or tap in the email. Once accepted you and your invitee will receive a notification and an attached calendar item with the details of the meeting. We will also send reminders at set times prior to your meeting to all parties to ensure that your meetings go ahead as planned. If you or the invitee cannot meet at the the specified time you both have an option to cancel the meeting or reschedule if permitted. Along the way, you will be able to view who has accepted their invites and any new requests for change of meeting time for you to accept or suggest a new time.

Feature Comparison

Here are all the featues available today. We are adding features as we continue to develop and get feedback from our users. If there is a feature that you don't see but you want, let us know here.

Number of sessions per year412100
Maximum number of contacts502001000
Number of invitees per meeting15100
Send meeting requests
Create and set session dates
User can set weekly availability -
Invitee can accept or reschedule meeting
Invitee can cancel or reschedule a previously accepted meeting
User can accept meeting change requests
Open availability for a time period
Auto populate calendar with meetings and send invites -
Notify users of requested and accepted meetings -
Notify invitees of requested and accepted meetings -

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