Frequently Asked Questions


Can you help me set up my task lists?

You should find the resources you need in our help section once it is available. We expect the help section to available shortly after launch.

When do you expect to Launch workmeo?

Early January 2021. Workmeo officially launched for the public on the 9th of January 2021.

When do you expect the Alpha testing to be completed?

Alpha testing was completed July 31st, 2020. Beta testing commenced August 1st,2020 and was completed at the end of December 2020.

How do I receive daily reminders of my shortlisted tasks?

First makes sure you have created a toDo list or project, then add a task. Once a task is created you can add it to your shortlist by clicking on the star. Make sure that you change your prefencesto receive daily and weekly email reminders.


How much does workmeo cost?

Workmeo's rates are listed on the pricing page. As features become available prices may change and other price options may become available.


Why are projects, to do lists and task lists referred to as Streams?

Instead of having separate lists of projects, to do lists and task lists we wanted them to be in one place. Loosely defined, a stream is continuous flow of liquid, air, or gas aka things moving in the same direction or a large number of things that happen or come one after the other. Projects, task lists and to do lists have a similar flow and characteristic. Ideally your various tasks help you flow in one direction, towards your objectives.

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