Development Timeline

We are devoted to making a our service better with every release. We will continue to develop and expand on our features to ensure user happiness. Here is a breakdown of the changes made to date.

Apr 2021

Added Stream Cloning Function

If you have a stream that you repeat regularly, instead of going through the long process recreating it each time you can use the clone feature to copy your stream, give it a new name and you are on your way.

Oct 2020

Created Daily Email for Shortlists

Added daily shortlist emails to remind users of their most important tasks every morning.

Sep 2020

Updated List Options

Added a new list type to List Options to make simple Todo lists and added shortlist feature to improve visibility of most important tasks

Jul 2018

Name Change

Changed the name from My Work Depot to workmeo for a shorter and more memorable name for a productivity and time management product.

Sep 2017

Repurpose as an SaaS Product

Used as an internal tool for the company the decision was made to allow the public access to improve productivity and time management.

Feb 2014

New Phase of Development

Working with a large client and multiple projects and developers a system was required to keep track of tasks and progress or projects. Development was initiated to add projects and tasks to the system.

May 2008

Proof of Concept

workmeo started as a personal time tracking tool for client work. It was used casually by the founder for many years with improvements being added on an irregular basis from 2008 to 2013.

Jan 2004

Idea and Concept

Workmeo was conceived over the Christmas holiday when the founder felt overwhelmed by his workload and thought there must be a better way to develop and maintain a work life balance.